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Second Semester Elementary Counseling Groups

Over the winter and during the spring, many small counseling groups went on in both elementary schools.  The group topics were selected based on feedback from parents, students, and teachers. It was exciting to work with so many students in a small setting and work on skills to help them be successful in many areas of their lives.  On the last day of the group, all students who were present completed a group assessment. The results of the assessments will be listed below.





What students learned:

Kindergarten Self-Control: Keep hands to myself, Meditation, To be good


Kindergarten Friendship 2: How to be nice, About Kindness, Play


Kindergarten Social Skills/Self-Control: Yoga, Meditation, The good, Meditation, Meditation, Meditation


First Friendship/Social Skills/Homework Skills: Make mistakes, Make friends, Make friends, Making friends


Second Friendship/Kindness: Learn to make things, I learned how to be a kind friend, To be kind to others and fun together, I learned how to do crafts, To be kind to other people


Second Homework Skills/Teamwork/Self-Control: Nothing, To be nice and listen, To be kind, Yoga, Stuff


Second Friendship: To always be kind, To not be rude, Staying happy


Third Friendship: I’ve learned about how to be more kind, That bullying is really bad, I learned to be kind, That your friends are all that you need, To be kind to one another, To be kind to others


Third Homework Skills/Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship, Even though you want to be truthful don’t hurt people’s feelings by telling them the truth, How to be kind, To be nice and help others


Third Self-Control: To not freak out when somebody doesn’t mean to do it, Nothing, Nothing


Third/Fourth Mindset: Body parts, We learned about brains, We learned about brains, About brains


Third/Fourth Mindset 2: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Fourth Making Mistakes/Behavior: Nothing, Nothing, Stuff


Fourth Frustration/Anxiety/Relaxation/Focus: Yoga poses, How to do yoga, You have to control yourself


Fourth Sportsmanship/Friendship/Homework Skills: Sportsmanship, Good sportsmanship and where to do homework, I learned sportsmanship can be really kind, I learned about sportsmanship


Fourth Self-Awareness/Social Skills: We learned how to be a good friend, I learned about friendship


Fourth Sportsmanship 2: I learned to be a good sport, Not really anything, A lot of sportsmanship, Nothing, Be a good sportsmanship


Fifth Confidence: To like yourself, How to be kind, what I’m good at, That you never give up


What students would change about the group:


Kindergarten Self-Control: I want to play, People, People


Kindergarten Friendship 2: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Kindergarten Social Skills/Self-Control: Nothing, Nothing, More fun, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


First Friendship/Social Skills/Homework Skills: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Second Friendship/Kindness: Do a lot more things and make the time, People, Nothing


Second Homework Skills/Teamwork/Self-Control: Nothing, I would tell them to be good and not be mean, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Second Friendship: Make unicorn, Nothing, To Lego room


Third Friendship: I would not change the group, Let everyone join, When we leave we get sad, Nothing, That we both fight, That we don’t fight in it from outside the group


Third Homework Skills/Sportsmanship: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Third Self-Control: Make other people pay attention, Nothing, No, I hate this


Third/Fourth Mindset: Listening, Having fun more, More people


Third/Fourth Mindset 2: Make them listen, don’t hit, and act well, Nothing, Nothing


Fourth Making Mistakes/Behavior: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


Fourth Frustration/Anxiety/Relaxation/Focus: No, I don’t know, Have it after breakfast


Fourth Sportsmanship/Friendship/Homework Skills: To go to recess, The people, To teach more than one person, That there would be different people


Fourth Self-Awareness/Social Skills: I would change nothing, I would change the time so we have more meets


Fourth Sportsmanship 2: Nothing, To learn more, Nothing, Have more free time, Nothing


Fifth Confidence: Nothing, Nothing, Nothing


I look forward to continuing to work with the students next year and see how much they grow.


Mrs. Beth Rondeau, Elementary School Counselor




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