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Weight room more accessible, new volleyball coach & assistant heading up open gyms

Next year's success is earned now

June 02, 2015

Do you think an athlete's success is determined by natural ability alone?  Are we tired of being middle of the road, or worse, in our conference?  What are you (the student athlete) going to do to get better this summer?  Are the parents, and more importantly the athletes, ready to step up and do the work?

Weight room times:  6:30 - 9 a.m. everyday; Volleyball open gym 8 a.m. Tuesday and Thursdays; Summer league basketball on Sundays (contact Coach Fogelman); Outdoors to run in (track/Cross Country) are always open.

Natural ability helps athletes be successful in the short term, even earn you a spot on a mediocre team, but long term success is won by the communities that aspire to do more than get playing time.  Games are won in the offseason, at the rec center, in backyards and driveways, streets and sidewalk, courses and courts, not on couches, at work or with your phone (unless you're using it to time your daily runs or workouts).

A winning culture begins at home, with the student and the parent buying into two things:  1) hard work and committment are needed year-round; 2) communicate with coaches to work with individual schedules, needs but ultimately buying into the program they are trying administer to all participants.

There are so many ways to do things that if you don't work to understand how a coach is trying to improve both the team and the individual player, valuable time is wasted.  It's imparitive athletes practice together, respect each other and put the team first, without that we will stay right where we are.  The first step to committing to each other is to put in the necessary work together, always stiving to to more, rather than just the minimum.

Lastly athletes need to believe in the coach, each other and understand that everyone's mistakes can be overcome by everyone's effort and work.  We won't go undefeated; you won't pitch perfect games; be perfect at the line in crunch time; you will fumble; miss tackles; hit the ball into the net; and so will your teammates.  You have each other, so lift each other up, listen to the constructive advice and own up to the times your effort was lax and the coach lets you know it was true.

CAM CSD and CAM High School, I believe this is the year and those doing the leading (player, coach and parent) bring everyone along for the ride and share together the success that you individually will have a role in achieving.  

Even if you never step on the field/court.


Mr. G

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