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Contact Us

CAM District Office

1000 Victory Park Road

Anita, Iowa 50020

712 762-3231

fax: 712 762-3713

Paul Croghan, Superintendent   pcroghan@cam.k12.ia.us

Lindsey Jahde, Business Manager  ljahde@cam.k12.ia.us


CAM High School

1000 Victory Park Road

Anita, Iowa 50020

712 762-3231

fax:  712 762-3713

Dominic Giegerich, High School Principal  dgiegerich@cam.k12.ia.us

Paige Farrell, HS Secretary  pfarrell@cam.k12.ia.us


CAM Middle School

207 E. 6th Street

Massena, Iowa 50853

712 779-2212

fax:  712 779-3365

Larry Hunt, MS Principal  lhunt@cam.k12.ia.us

Dee South, MS Secretary  dsouth@cam.k12.ia.us


CAM South Elementary

207 E 6th Street

Massena, IA 50853

712 779-2211

fax:  712 779-3365

Larry Hunt, Principal  lhunt@cam.k12.ia.us

Cheri Chester, Elementary Secretary   cchester@cam.k12.ia.us


CAM North Elementary

709 McIntyre Dr.

Anita, Iowa 50020

712 762-3343

Barry Bower, Principal  bbower@cam.k12.ia.us

Kay Hansen, Elementary Secretary  khansen@cam.k12.ia.us


CAM Iowa Connections Academy

807 Third Street

Anita, Iowa 50020


fax:  712 762-3495

Dr. James Brauer, Academy Principal  jbrauer@iaca.connectionsacademy.org


Staff E-mail


Aggen, Jordan (jaggen@cam.k12.ia.us)  South Elementary Title I teacher

Anderson, Carol (canderson@cam.k12.ia.us) IWCC HS, Accounting, Literature

Arp, John (jarp@cam.k12.ia.us) High School Math teacher

Becker, Tasia (tbecker@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary teacher

Blair, Sheri (sblair@cam.k12.ia.us) MS/HS Counselor

Blomme, Lora (lblomme@cam.k12.ia.us) South Preschool teacher

Booker, Sandy (sbooker@cam.k12.ia.us) Middle School Science teacher

Bower, Barry (bbower@cam.k12.ia.us) CAM North Principal

Calhoun, Mona (mcalhoun@cam.k12.ia.us) Transportation Director

Casey, Jim (jcasey@cam.k12.ia.us) Technology Director

Chester, Cheri (cchester@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary secretary

Clay, Lori (lclay@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary teacher

Clark, Courtney (cclark@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary special education teacher

Clinton-Reinke, Terry (tclinton@cam.k12.ia.us ) North Elementary special education teacher

Croghan, Paul (pcroghan@cam.k12.ia.us) Superintendent\

Eilts, Virginia (veilts@cam.k12.ia.us)  District Librarian

Fogleman, Brian (bfogleman@cam.k12.ia.us) HS At-Risk

Giegerich, Dominic (dgiegerich@cam.k12.ia.us) High School principal

Green, Julie (jgreen@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary teacher

Gethmann, Haley (hgethmann@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary special education teacher

Hansen, Kay (khansen@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary secretary

Hodges, Nick (nhodges@cam.k12.ia.us) Middle School PE/At Risk teacher/JH Activities Director

Hunt, Ian (ihunt@cam.k12.ia.us) MS Social Studies

Hunt, Larry (lhunt@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary/Middle School principal

Knapp, Tara (tknapp@cam.k12.ia.us) High School and Elementary Art teacher

Kopp, Grace (gkopp@cam.k12.ia.us) Master Teacher Leader

Kralik, Kelsie (kkralik@cam.k12.ia.us) Master Teacher Leader

Larson, Angela (alarson@cam.k12.ia.us) HS English

Maiers, Jenna (jmaiers@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary teacher

Marin Estepa, Marta (mmarin@cam.k12.ia.us) High School Spanish teacher

Miller, Gary (gmiller@cam.k12.ia.us)  High School Ag FFA teacher

Milller, Shelly (smiller@cam.k12.us) High School Business/English/STEM teacher

Murphy, Cara (cmurphy@cam.k12.ia.us) High School Special Education teacher

Paup, Shannon (spaup@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary Preschool teacher

Peach, Becky (bpeach@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary teacher

Rasmussen, Zeli (zrasmussen@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary PE/MS Exploratory teacher

Rondeau, Beth (brondeau@cam.k12.ia.us) Elementary Counselor

Rosenbeck, Samantha (srosenbeck@cam.k12.ia.us) Middle School math/science teacher

Rudolph, Jody (jrudolph@cam.k12.ia.us) Elementary Vocal Music teacher

Scar, Heather (hscar@cam.k12.ia.us) Middle School English teacher

Schoning, Mary (mschoning@cam.k12.ia.us) District TAG Teacher

Schwan, Kandy (kschwan@cam.k12.i.a.us) HS Math

Seufert, Anne (aseufert@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary teacher

Sharar, Amy (asharar@cam.k12.ia.us Middle School Social Studies teacher

Stokley, Michelle (mstokley@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary teacher

Stork, Kay (kstork@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary Title I teacher

Symonds, Luke (lsymonds@cam.k12.ia.us) High School Social Studies teacher

Todd, James (jtodd@cam.k12.ia.us) MS/HS Science

Venteicher, Staci (sventeicher@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary teacher

Warntjes, Adam (awarntjes@cam.k12.ia.us) High School/Middle School Industrial Arts teacher

Wessling, Lana' (lwessling@cam.k12.ia.us) North Elementary library para-educator

Wheatley, Peg (pwheatley@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary teacher

Wollum, Haley (hwollum@cam.k12.ia.us) Master Teacher

Wollum, Joe (jwollum@cam.k12.ia.us) High School PE teacher/Activities Director

Wright, Sarah (swright@cam.k12.ia.us) South Elementary teacher

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CAM Community Schools1000 Victory Park RoadAnita, IA  50020

PH: 712-762-3238

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