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September 17, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Regular Meeting

CAM Board of Education

Monday, September 17 2018 6:30 p.m.


The CAM Community School District Board of Education held its annual/organizational meeting on September 17 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in the media center at the CAM High School in Anita. Present were Directors Gary Dinkla, Todd McKee, Julie Williamson, and Chuck Kinzie.  Director Nick Kauffman was absent.  Also present were Superintendent Casey Berlau, Principals Larry Hunt and Brian Fogleman, and Secretary Lindsay Jahde. Principals James Brauer and Dominic Giegerich were absent. Visitors in attendance were Brian Sexton, Rusty Williamson, Tami Williamson, Kelsie Kralik, and Ann Zaiger. 


CONSENT AGENDA:  President Gary Dinkla read the mission statement, welcomed the visitors and called the meeting to order. Motion to approve the agenda was made by Todd McKee, seconded by Chuck Kinzie and carried on a 4-0 voice vote.  Newly formatted financial reports were presented and discussed.  A motion to approve the amended minutes of the August 20, 2018 meeting to include Barry Bower as a volunteer coach, bills, and financial statements was made by Todd McKee, and seconded by Julie Williamson.  It was noted that the increased amount of invoices for vehicle expenses was due to upcoming inspections and an increase to custodial expense due to the ordering of supplies for the new school year.  Motion carried 4-0. General Fund bills were $1,722,769.71(includes online academy tuition reimbursement), PPEL Fund bills $117,322.68, Nutrition Fund bills $13,447.54, and Activity Fund bills $18,906.11.


COMMUNICATIONS:  Kelsi Kralik gave a presentation about her role as a literacy coach.  Her focus includes the following four goals:  Improve student’s reading and comprehension levels, help students build confidence, make adjustments to meet student’s needs, and prevent future problems. 


ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS:  Principal Fogelman reported that the Fall FASTBridge testing is nearly complete. Students have completed CBMr test (fluency rate, and level of reading achievement.)  Students and staff are experiencing that the new math curriculum includes a different approach in learning. They continue to adjust and support it as they move forward. Corey Larsen completed ALICE training with new staff.  There has been water backed up in the restroom at the north elementary building due to a blocked floor drain and they are working to address the problem.      


Principal Hunt advised the boiler project at the south building is in its final stages of installation.  Student council elections were conducted this week with twenty-four students campaigning for the 12 spots.  Each candidate gave a speech selected from a platform of items important to them. 


Dr. Berlau advised he will be working off of an updated schedule of board policies to review.  He advised the following teachers were selected to serve on the compensation committee:  Cara Murphy, Bev Johnson, Kay Stork, Michelle Stokley, Stacie Venteicher, Tasia Scott, Heather Scar and Barry Bower and have committed to monthly meetings.  The committee will also include representation from administrators and SAIC members who are yet to be selected. An article regarding school safety was submitted for publication to the Anita Tribune.  Articles will continue to be submitted throughout the year on different topics. 


Written reports were received from Principal Giegerich and Principal Bauer.


ADJOURN MEETING OF RETIRING BOARD:  Motion by Todd McKee, seconded by Julie Williamson to adjourn the annual meeting.  Motion carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 



ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING:  Secretary Lindsay Jahde called the meeting to order and asked for nominations for board president.  Chuck Kinzie nominated Gary Dinkla, with Julie Williamson asking that nominations cease.  A roll call vote was cast 4-0, electing Gary Dinkla as CAM Board President.  Secretary Jahde administered the oath of office and President Dinkla chaired the remainder of the meeting. 


President Dinkla asked for nominations for vice president.  Todd Mckee nominated Chuck Kinzie; Julie Williamson asked that nominations cease, and a unanimous 4-0 voice vote was cast, electing Chuck Kinzie as vice president.  Secretary Jahde administered the oath of office. 


Lindsay Jahde was appointed board secretary and treasurer on a motion by Julie Williamson, seconded by Todd McKee and motion carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


A motion was presented by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Todd McKee, to hold the regular board meetings of the CAM School Board on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the high school media center.  Motion passed unanimously on a 4-0 voice vote. 


RESOLUTION 19:01 NAMING DEPOSITORIES/DEPOSIT LIMITS/AUTHORIZED SIGNERS:  Resolution 19:01 to designate the Rolling Hills Bank and Trust, Bankers Trust Co., and FNB Bank as depository banks with deposit limits of $3,000,000 each and to authorize the signers for each account was approved on a motion by Todd McKee, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER:  Designation of the Anita Tribune as newspaper for official publications was made on a motion by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


LEGAL COUNSEL:  Derrick Franck of Franck and Sextro Law Firm (or office representatives) in Denison was appointed the district’s legal counsel on a motion by Todd McKee, seconded by Chuck Kinzie and carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


BOARD COMMITTEES:  The following board committees were appointed:

                        FACILITIES:  Todd McKee and Nick Kauffman

                        COMPENSATION:  Gary Dinkla and Chuck Kinzie


CASS COUNTY CONFERENCE BOARD:  Julie Williamson was appointed to the Cass County Conference board. 


FACILITY PROJECTS:  The gym walls at the Massena building are in need of repair. A quote was received from Western Specialty Contractors for repairs to the expansion joints.  Quotes for repairs to the roof at the high school were received.  Some of the damage was the result of the wind claim in June.  Todd McKee made a motion to approve the facility projects as presented, seconded by Julie Williamson and carried on a 4-0 voice vote.  


OPEN ENROLLMENT APPLICATIONS:  Applications to Iowa Connections Academy received after the deadline, without good cause, or those denied because of lack of classroom space, were denied on a motion by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Julie Williamson and carried on a 4-0 voice vote.




CONTRACTS: The following contracts were approved on motion by Todd McKee, seconded by Julie Williamson and carried on a 4-0 voice vote:

Brian Sexton-J.H, Football Coach

Manda Thomas-Co-Head Speech Coach

Joe Wollum-Co-Head Girls & Boys Golf Coach

Nick Hodges-Co-Head Girls & Boys Golf Coach

Lexi Winther-Special Education Aide

Anna Amdor-Special Education Aide

Heather Scar-J.H. Student Council

Samantha Rosenbeck-J.H. Student Council


SBRC MODIFIED SUPPLEMENTAL AMOUNT APPLICATION AND SUPPLEMNETAL AID FOR THE 2017/2018 SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM DEFICIT: Todd McKee moved to approve request to the School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) for Modified Supplemental Amount and Supplemental Aid for the 2017/2018 Special Education Program deficit of $169,390.00, or as determined by the Iowa Department of Education following DE audit review.  Seconded by Chuck Kinzie.  A roll call vote was cast 4-0, motion carries.


OUT OF STATE TRIPS:  Out of state travel requests were submitted for Ag classes/FFA trips.  A request was also received for a middle school student council retreat.  It was recommended that an itinerary of activities be sent to the parents of the attending students requesting permission for their child’s participation.  Motion to approve the out of state trips was made by Todd McKee, seconded by Chuck Kinzie, and carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


REVISE BOARD POLICY 710.4:  Motion by Todd McKee to make changes to the board policy regarding meal charges.  Students with a negative balance greater than $50.00 will be allowed to eat a regular meal.  Alternative meals will not be offered.  The district will continue to work with families to keep their meal accounts current. 


FUNDRAISERS:  Requests for approval of fundraisers from the class of 2020 for prom and graduation, and the class of 2022 for future expenses were approved on motion by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Julie Williamson and carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


DISPOSAL OF OBSOLETE EQUIPMENT:  Motion by Chuck Kinzie to publish a request for bids for the disposal of the 2005 Chevy Suburban, seconded by Julie Williamson and carried on a 4-0 voice vote. 


BOARD REPORTS:  Gary Dinkla advised he recently read some information on the State of Wisconsin’s teacher contracts and compensation process.   He stated there are a lot of good ideas that may be beneficial to our compensation team.  Julie Williamson advised she is planning to attend the IASB fall workshop to be held on October 11th in Denison. 


ADJOURNMENT:  The board adjourned at 8:20 p.m. on a motion by Todd McKee and seconded by Chuck Kinzie.  Motion carried unanimously on a voice vote of 4-0. 



These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   The action items carried and the full text of the motions, policies and discussion are on file in the board secretary's office or on the district website www.CAMCougars.org

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