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October 16, 2017 CAM Board Meeting


Regular Meeting

CAM Board of Education

Monday, October 16, 2017  6:30 p.m.


The CAM Community School District Board of Education held its regular meeting on October 16, 2017, at 6:35 p.m. in the media center at the CAM High School in Anita. Present were Directors Gary Dinkla, Julie Williamson, and Nick Kauffman. Also present were Superintendent Casey Berlau, Principals Brian Fogleman and Larry Hunt, and Secretary Linda Edwards. Directors Todd McKee and Chuck Kinzie and Principals James Brauer and Dominic Giegerich were absent. Visitors in attendance were Paul Upmeyer, Adam Warntjes, and Nick Hodges.


CONSENT AGENDA:  President Gary Dinkla read the mission statement, welcomed the visitors and called the meeting to order. The agenda was amended to add 6.8 Change Order #3.  Motion to approve the amended agenda was made by Julie Williamson, seconded by Nick Kauffman, and carried on a 3-0 voice vote.  A motion to approve the minutes of the September 18, 2017 meeting, bills, and financial statements was made by Nick Kauffman, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried on a 3-0 voice vote.  General Fund bills were $46,630.55, Management Fund bills $3,271, SILO Fund bills $121,616.71, PPEL Fund bills $29,922.14, Nutrition Fund bills $19,490.92, and Activity Fund bills $12,207.33.


COMMUNICATIONS:  Information was presented on the IASB convention in November and board member orientation workshops.


ADMINISTRATION REPORTS:  Principal Fogleman is currently working to fill the third grade teaching position.  They will interview four candidates.  Principal Hunt reported the junior high fall sports are having successful seasons with great numbers.  Students represented the district well. He and Mr. Hodges have interviewed applicants for coaching positions, with contracts to be approved tonight.  First quarter ends the 26th.  FAST Bridge testing is underway with some issues that need ironed out. 


Dr. Berlau reported that enrollment counts were due today with numbers we get funding for up 8.5 students, while the number of students in seats is up 19.  Academy numbers are up 130 students.  He presented information on Gaggle, which is used to help monitor students with Google accounts.  Cost to the district will be $3,430, with a one-time set up fee then an annual fee as an ongoing expense.  Mr. Hunt recently attended a radon workshop with Jack Boes where they put together a plan and got testing kits.  Testing will be done the week of December 4th at the North Elementary.  


Principal Giegerich’s written report included information on the installation of the sound system at the high school, with some additional work and training still needing to be done.  The variety show will be held November 10 and 11 at 7 p.m.  Zion Recovery Services has completed a six-day session during seminar for seniors and will work with juniors in the near future, discussing substance abuse and other risky behaviors.  Fall sports are finishing their seasons and entering tournament time.


WEIGHT ROOM EQUIPMENT:  Coach Nick Hodges presented information on a request for new equipment for the weight room in Massena. Equipment that was obsolete and unsafe has been removed from the area. Attendance at morning sessions have increased with the addition of strength and conditioning coaches. Some equipment has already been purchased with generous donations from the Gridiron Club, the CAM Sports Club, and CAM Sports activity account. An estimate for additional equipment needed was presented for $4,732.82. Nick Kauffman moved, seconded by Julie Williamson, to purchase the additional weight room equipment per the estimate presented.  Motion carried 3-0 on a voice vote.


OPEN ENROLLMENT APPLICATIONS:  Applications to Iowa Connections Academy received after the deadline, without good cause, or those denied because of lack of classroom space, were denied on a motion by Nick Kauffman, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried on a 3-0 voice vote.  Approval was also given for Calen and Kenlee Anstey and Ryan and Miranda West to continue to attend in our district following moves.  An application for Alexa Anderson to continue to attend in the Atlantic district following a move was presented for information.




CONTRACTS:  Several coaching contracts were approved:

Roger Finley, junior high girls’ track, motion by Kauffman, second by Williamson, carried 3-0.

Jenna Maiers, high school girls’ basketball, motion by Williamson, second by Kauffman, carried 3-0.

Roger Finley, junior high boys’ basketball, motion by Kauffman, second by Williamson, carried 3-0.

Brian Sexton, junior high wrestling, motion by Williamson, second by Kauffman, carried 3-0.

Matthew Williamson, high school wrestling, motion by Kauffman, second by Williamson, carried 3-0.

Contract adjustments were made for Dan Daugherty and Steve Pelzer to serve as co-coaches for baseball summer of 2018 on a motion by Julie Williamson, seconded by Nick Kauffman and carried 3-0.


STUDENT TEACHERS:  A contract with the University of Northern Iowa to host student teachers in the district was approved on a motion by Julie Williamson, seconded by Nick Kauffman, and carried 3-0.


ENERGY ASSOCIATION OF IOWA SCHOOLS:  Dr. Berlau presented on a possible membership in the Energy Association of Iowa Schools.  This is the group that put on the radon workshop recently attended.  They work with companies to see if there is a possible way to save money on our energy purchases.  Membership is based on student count with a minimum of $500 which can be paid out of the PPEL fund.  Nick Kauffman introduced a motion to approve membership, Julie Williamson seconded, and the motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.


BOARD POLICIES 403.7 – 404:  Board policies 403.7, 403.7E1 Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, and 404 Employee Conduct and Appearance, 404.R1 Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics Regulations, and 404.R2 Code of Rights and Responsibilities Regulation were reviewed and approved with no changes on a motion by Nick Kauffman, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried 3-0 by voice vote.


CHANGE ORDER #3:  A change order to Jensen Builders Ltd. was presented for $5,115 for extra storm sewer work, painting the shop door, and addition of the west sidewalk handrail on the elementary addition in Massena.  Approval of the change order was given on a motion by Julie Williamson, seconded by Nick Kauffman, and carried on a 3-0 voice vote.


BOARD REPORTS:  Julie Williamson commented how proud she was of our football team, ­who has a bond that is fun to watch through all the injuries this season.  The company will be coming back tomorrow to finish the sound system and remove the old system to be used in Massena.  They will be doing training on the system on Wednesday.


ADJOURNMENT:   The Board adjourned at 7:19 p.m. on a motion by Julie Williamson and seconded by Nick Kauffman.  Motion carried unanimously on a voice vote 3-0.






These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   The action items carried and the full text of the motions, policies and discussion are on file in the board secretary's office or on the district website www.CAMCougars.org



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