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June 19, 2017 CAM Board Meeting


Regular Meeting

CAM Board of Education

Monday, June 19, 2017  6:30 p.m.


The CAM Community School District Board of Education held its regular meeting on June 19, 2017, at 6:35 p.m. in the media center at the CAM High School in Anita. Present were Directors Gary Dinkla, Chuck Kinzie, Julie Williamson, Nick Kauffman who arrived at 6:45 and Todd McKee who arrived at 7:30.  Also present were Superintendent Casey Berlau, Principals Brian Fogleman and Dominic Giegerich, and Secretary Linda Edwards. Principals James Brauer and Larry Hunt were absent. Visitor in attendance was Paul Upmeyer.


CONSENT AGENDA:  President Gary Dinkla read the mission statement, welcomed the visitors and called the meeting to order. Motion to approve the agenda was made by Julie Williamson, seconded by Chuck Kinzie, and carried on a 3-0 voice vote.  A motion to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2017 meeting, bills, and financial statements was made by Chuck Kinzie, and seconded by Julie Williamson.  Motion carried unanimously 3-0. General Fund bills were $213,438.59, PPEL Fund bills $220,842.62, Nutrition Fund bills $7,159.07, and Activity Fund bills $5,960.21.




IOWA ASSESSMENT DATA:  Principal Fogleman reported that the elementary teachers met on one of the professional development days in May to discuss the Iowa Assessment data.  Teachers were able to meet with the corresponding grade level in the buildings.  Third grade students were 93% proficient in math and reading and 90% proficient in science.  There has been great growth in literacy with extra emphasis on reading but sometimes at the expense of math and science. A goal for next year is to review math curriculum.  Nick Kauffman arrived at this time.

Principal Giegerich presented graphs indicating proficiency in math, reading, and science. College and career readiness was low in two of the three high school grades testing.  Most students were showing growth in at least one area. Reading is improving across the board.  8th and 11th grade are showing motivational dips. We are starting to see some positive effects of the TLC/TAP implemented this year.


MASSENA ADDITION UPDATE:  The building has been sheet rocked.  The vestibule construction is in progress.  The south exterior metal of the old building is being replaced to match the addition.  There are no change orders this month.  No quote yet on cost of cement work for the greenhouse.


WELLNESS CENTER REQUEST:  The district has been asked to fund another treadmill for the wellness center.  Discussion was held on the topic.  More information will be obtained.  Todd McKee arrived at this time.


USE OF FACILITIES: Discussion was held on the use of the facilities by the daycare and Lollipop Preschool.  It was recommended that those entities should have the district listed as an additional insured on their insurance policy.  The board feels that we should have some kind of agreement with each group.  We will meet with each group to discussion conditions:  an agreement, rent or no rent, bussing.


PRINCIPALS AND SALARIED EMPLOYEES CONTRACTS:  Typically this group has received the same increase as the teaching staff.  This year that amount was 3.08%.  Brian Fogleman’s contracts are currently a 50-50 split between principal and teacher.  Dr. Berlau suggested adjusting the split to a 60-40 principal/teacher split.  It would be necessary to amend his teaching contract to 40%.  Dr. Berlau is not receiving an increase in pay next year from the Nodaway Valley school district due to financial constraints.  Gary Dinkla suggested a stipend from CAM.  He had talked to the school attorney who said this would need to be tied to a reasonable goal.  A motion was made by Todd McKee, seconded by Julie Williamson, to give the principals a 3.08% increase in salary, change Mr. Fogleman’s teaching contract to 40% and principal contract to 60%, approve contracts for Linda Edwards, business manager/board secretary, with 3.08% increase, and Mona Calhoun, transportation director with 3.08% increase, and to establish a goal-based incentive for Dr. Berlau of $2,500.  Motion carried unanimously 5-0.


CASEY COMPUTER CONSULTING:  Todd McKee moved, seconded by Nick Kauffman, to approve a 3.25% increase to the agreement with Casey Computer Consulting for technology maintenance services for the 2017-2018 school year.  Motion carried unanimously 5-0.


BANK LOAN RESOLUTION 17:08:  The following resolution was adopted to enable the District to borrow money for the building project in Massena:  RESOLVED, that the Board of School District Directors of the CAM Community School District in Cass County, Iowa, authorizes Dr. Casey Berlau, superintendent, to execute a loan with FNB Bank, Fontanelle, Iowa, for the expenses associated with the construction of a building addition to the South Elementary Building in Massena, in an amount up to $300,000.00 at an interest rate of 2.0% to be repaid over a two-year period by the SILO or PPEL Fund. The Board directed Dr. Berlau to make the arrangements for the loan and the board president will need to sign the actual loan paperwork.  Motion to adopt the resolution was made by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried unanimously 5-0.


OPEN ENROLLMENT APPLICATIONS:  Applications to Iowa Connections Academy received after the deadline, without good cause, or those denied because of lack of classroom space, were denied on a motion by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried on a 5-0 voice vote. 


RESIGNATIONS: A resignation from Debra Brown as high school track coach was accepted with regrets on a motion by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Nick Kauffman, and carried on a 5-0 voice vote. A resignation from Lucretia Hosfelt as middle school special education para was accepted with regrets on a motion by Julie Williamson, seconded by Chuck Kinzie, and carried on a 5-0 voice vote.  A resignation from Brian Sexton as middle school boys’ basketball coach, was accepted with regrets on a motion by Nick Kauffman, seconded by Todd McKee, and carried on a 5-0 voice vote.  A resignation from Ranaye Siggins, high school special education para, was accepted with regrets on a motion by Chuck Kinzie, seconded by Julie Williamson, and carried on a 5-0 voice vote.


CONTRACTS:  The following contracts were approved for the 2017-2018 school year and all carried on a 5-0 voice vote:

        Dorene South--Middle School secretary, motion by Todd McKee/Chuck Kinzie

        Kathleen Claussen--North elementary paraeducator, motion by Julie Williamson/Nick Kauffman

        Laura Hapes--South elementary PK paraeducator, motion by Chuck Kinzie/Julie Williamson

        Haley Wollum--TLC model teacher, motion by Chuck Kinzie/Julie Williamson

        Amanda Wheatley--South elementary paraeducator, motion by Todd McKee/Julie Williamson

        Dana Finley—6-8 special education teacher, motion by Chuck Kinzie/Nick Kauffman

        Amy Sharar—MS art teacher shared with Griswold, motion by Todd McKee/Nick Kauffman


FACILITY PROJECTS:  Several projects were presented for consideration for approval:

Electrical project in middle school parking lot—Breakers were tripped early this spring and caused the greenhouse to lose power and plants were lost.  In order to prevent this from happening again, rewiring for where the buses are plugged in and a new breaker box will be installed.  Bids were received from Brown Electric for $3,875 and J & S Electric for $6,623.  The Board directed Dr. Berlau to proceed with the bid from Brown Electric.

Sound system at the high school:  Two bids were received but one company would not submit a bid for the type of system they requested. The board directed Mr. Upmeyer to get a quote on exactly what they need.

Carpeting at the high school:  It was decided to complete half the rooms at the high school that still need to be recarpeted.  The quote for removal of the old carpeting and installation of the new for six rooms and the teachers’ lounge was $17,616 from Interior Touch.  There will be a considerable savings if the custodians remove the old carpeting.  The Board directed Dr. Berlau to proceed with this project.

Security cameras at the high school:  No estimates for the camera system were available at this time. 


STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING PROGRAM:  Currently the various coaches oversee the weight room and it is not as organized as it could be.  Dr. Berlau discussed putting someone in charge and working with the coaching staff to create a program that would meet all our needs.  Coaches would still have to be in charge of supervision.  Pay would be comparable to a head coach salary.  Todd McKee moved, seconded by Chuck Kinzie, to create this position and see if we can staff it.  Motion carried on a 5-0 voice vote.


SCHOOL AND SUPERINTENDENT GOALS:  This will be an action item next month.


ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS:   Brian Fogleman reported that the custodians have been doing a phenomenal job and deserve a pat on the back.  He shared the North Elementary website he has been developing.

Dr. Berlau reported that our new aid and levy report with the updated tax levy for 2017-2018 has been received and the final rate is $10.62 per thousand valuation.  This compares to the $10.83 that was approved at the budget hearing.  He discussed changes to uses of some fund with more flexibility of use.


BOARD REPORTS:  The shooting team recently competed at state trap and sporting clay competition with one athlete finishing 3rd out of over 200 varsity women competing in trap.  Christian Kinzie finished 3rd out of 84 competing in shorting clay and was named to the all state high school team.


ADJOURNMENT:   The Board adjourned at 8:47 p.m. on a motion by Todd McKee and seconded by Chuck Kinzie.  Motion carried unanimously on a voice vote 5-0.


These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting.   The action items carried and the full text of the motions, policies and discussion are on file in the board secretary's office or on the district website www.CAMCougars.org



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